Our Optimized Signing Experience is Here!

Earlier this year we introduced our new signing experience. With a cleaner look and feel, and an easier and more efficient process, we are proud of our new features and process improvements. Using feedback provided by our users, some of the changes we have made include created an easier check-in process for participants, optimized the identity validation process, maximized screen real estate for improved visibility, streamlined signing workflows, and added enhanced views and navigation of tasks for completion.
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Benefits for All Stakeholders

Since inception over 10 years ago, Pavaso’s eClosing Platform was created with a focus on improving the real estate closing process. As a leader in digital mortgage transformation, Pavaso empowers lenders, title companies and real estate attorneys to deliver fully digital and hybrid eClosings through one secure, collaborative platform that streamlines the entire closing process. Designed to enhance your workflow and existing relationships, not replace them, Pavaso connects all permissible parties to exchange information and documents, communicate and collaborate in real-time.

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Deliver a Best-in-class Customer Experience

In today’s digital world, Pavaso helps your customers avoid getting lost in the paperwork and enjoy a smooth closing that can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. Whether in person or remote, Pavaso offers many built-in features and benefits so you can deliver a best-in-class closing experience to your customers, including:
Secure delivery of documents and communication with all permissible parties throughout the entire closing process
The ability for customers to review all documents prior to closing and access the executed versions afterwards, anytime, anywhere
Flexibility to change the type of closing at settlement, when needed
Real-time notification of status updates and actions required
A streamlined signing process with easy navigation to complete tasks
Option for buyers and sellers to be included in the same signing session
All private and sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access with multiple layers of security and data is never sold to third parties

Pavaso’s Innovative Solutions

Pavaso supports all closing options, delivering traditional, fully paperless and hybrid eClosings. Our contact-free solutions can also be utilized for in-person eNotary (IPEN)*, remote online notarization (RON)* and remote ink-signed notarization (RIN)** transactions. Transform your closing process with Pavaso’s full suite of products and services. Select any option below to learn more about the innovative components of our platform.

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