Pavaso's remote ink-signed notarization (RIN) solution* provides an optimal alternative to notarizing real estate closing documents in person. Pavaso’s technology delivers an audio/video web-based notarization option, that can be utilized in accordance with state emergency mandates and requirements.


The process is designed to be simple**

The signer(s) securely completes Identity Verification and Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) requirements

The signer(s) review each document electronically on Pavaso and can ask questions before it is wet-signed

Record a signing by audio/video, capturing any number of document pages that may need to be presented, including signature pages for wet signing, as the duly authorized notary observes

Using Audio/Video teleconferencing, capture where necessary the assembly and sealed packaging of wet-signed documents, for delivery to the notary, who through their wet-signed notarization that follows, acknowledges the signed documents as observed during the Essential Notary signing session

Important Requirements & Information

All signers must be a U.S. citizen with a U.S. permanent address to participate in an Essential Notary signing

The trusted third-party identity verification service in the platform, confirms the validity of a government or state-issued photo-ID, ensuring it’s not fraudulent

KBA questions will populate only if there are public or credit history records for a signer

The KBA questions do not affect the signer’s credit report; it’s not a hard pull inquiry

View the Essential Notary system requirements here

*Due to platform capabilities, state law or regulation or all, electronic notarization and remote online notarization are not available in all areas.

**Users should consult their title insurance underwriter, if applicable, laws, regulations, and Executive Orders applicable to each signing session. Users are solely responsible for all steps necessary to ascertain, determine, meet, and verify compliance with all applicable orders, laws, regulations, rules and requirements governing any notarial or other execution of writings facilitated in whole or part through Pavaso’s Essential Notary™ or any other Pavaso technology.

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