Important Information

The information below is for notaries working with a signing agency, title company, real estate attorney firm or lender (collectively referred to herein as “approved company or approved companies”) already working with Pavaso.

  • Pavaso does NOT support notaries who are not associated with an approved company already working with Pavaso.
  • Pavaso does NOT distribute, assign, dispatch, or offer orders to notaries. Notary assignments on the Pavaso Platform originate directly from an approved company managing the transaction.
  • If you are a title company or real estate attorney firm looking for notary information for your employees, please visit our title page.
  • If you are a lender looking for notary information for your employees, please visit our lender page.

Pavaso Has Two Models for Notaries

Model Pricing* Training
Notaries working with multiple approved companies already working with Pavaso

There is a one-time $99 setup fee and a $50 annual renewal fee if you become a certified eNotary or remote online notary** on Pavaso to complete signings with approved companies already on Pavaso. These fees will be paid by you, unless coordinated differently with your approved companies.

To become certified on Pavaso follow the steps below:

  1. Complete notary coverage questionnaire
  2. Watch instructional video
  3. Take a short quiz
  4. Receive a Certificate of Completion
  5. Create your Pavaso account from your email invitation
  6. You are now Pavaso Certified!

If you have any questions contact

Get Started!

Notaries employed by or working with a single approved company already working with Pavaso

The approved company will determine fees assessed to notaries and how they will be paid.

If you are a notary employed by or working with an approved company and you’re looking for training, please contact them for training information.

To become a notary on Pavaso, you must be referred to us directly by an approved company who is already using Pavaso and you are working with.

*Fees are subject to change without notice.

**Due to platform capabilities, state law or regulation or all, electronic notarization and remote online notarization are not available in all areas.


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