Before completing this training, please note:

  • At this time, Pavaso does not offer its platform directly to independent mobile notaries for use in RON transactions
  • In order to become a Pavaso Notary, you must be referred to Pavaso directly by a title company you are working with
  • Pavaso does NOT onboard notaries who are not associated with a title company or signing agency already working with Pavaso
  • Pavaso does NOT distribute/assign/dispatch/offer orders to independent notaries
  • Notary assignments on the Pavaso platform originate from title companies and signing agencies directly
  • If you are employed directly by a title agency or lender, please contact implementation@pavaso.com for training

Notary Training – Get Certified!

  • Complete notary coverage questionnaire
  • Watch instructional video
  • Take a short quiz
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Create your Pavaso account from your email invitation
  • You are now Pavaso Certified!

If you have any questions contact support@pavaso.com

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