As a leader in the real estate digital closing transformation, Pavaso empowers title companies and real estate attorneys to deliver fully digital and hybrid eClosings through one secure collaborative platform that streamlines the entire closing process.

What's in it for you?

Gain process improvements throughout pre-closing, closing and post-closing:

  • reduce errors and trailing documents
  • complete real estate closings in as little as 15 minutes
  • deliver wet-signed documents faster to permissible parties
  • reduce repetitive tasks with automation

Customers can review the most current information anytime during the process, anywhere, on most devices

Facilitate real estate loan closings and cash closings

Standardize closings, even if documents need to be wet-signed, with safeguards to ensure all required signatures are captured

eDelivery, eSign, eNotarize*, RON*, eClose, eNote, eVault

Each closing has its own audit report to track actions performed

Auto-generated email notifications provide status updates throughout the transaction

Secure document delivery and communication features can eliminate the need for email exchanges

Designed to follow E-SIGN, UETA and MISMO standards

*Due to state law or regulation or both, eNotarization and remote online notarization are not available in all areas.

Yes, we are different.

With our complete suite of products, we will help you transform your real estate closings for the digital era.
Here’s why we can deliver what we promise:

  • Janet Lunt
    “The customers love that they can log in anytime and view their documents. They also like being able to read and review the documents in the comfort of their own home.”
    Janet Lunt
    Escrow Officer / Griffins and Turner Title Services
  • Kara Cook
    “We’re happy to be on board with Pavaso’s eClosing platform because it adds an additional tier of ease and functionality for our clients.”
    Kara Cook
    Co-founding Partner, Cook and James
  • Kara Cook
    “Partnering with Pavaso further fuels our commitment to offering our clients the absolute most reliable, convenient and pleasant experience with our attorneys at closing.”
    Kara Cook
    Co-founding Partner, Cook and James
  • Fred Westerlund
    “The Pavaso platform will help MBH give the lenders and REALTORS we work with a competitive advantage with faster, more convenient and more secure closings.”
    Fred Westerlund
    CEO / MBH Settlement Group
  • Nikki Gonzalez
    “The title company can get a file ready for closing in about 15 minutes. As for the consumer, it is very user friendly, even for those who are not very tech savvy. Once they get logged in to the system and start the review process the system helps walk them through everything they have to do.”
    Nikki Gonzalez
    Senior Operations Manager / Stewart Title
  • Nikki Gonzalez
    “We have been doing eClosings for several years and absolutely love the Pavaso platform! It is by far the best I have seen for all parties involved, the Lender, Title Company and most importantly the Consumer.”
    Nikki Gonzalez
    Stewart Title / Senior Operations Manager
  • Janet Lunt
    “When the customer comes into my office it literally takes about 10 - 15 minutes to do the closing and then they are finished. I just have to upload a few documents and hit complete. Super simple.”
    Janet Lunt
    Escrow Officer, Griffins and Turner Title Services
  • Janet Lunt
    “Pavaso is by far the simplest most efficient way to do an e-closing. I love that you are able to view all the documents and print anything that you might need.”
    Janet Lunt
    Escrow Officer, Griffins and Turner Title Services
  • Stephen J. Papermaster
    “The fully digital mortgage is here, and we couldn't be more excited to partner with Pavaso. With this partnership, First Title is among the first to offer fully digital closing services to our clients.”
    Stephen J. Papermaster
    President, First Title
  • Michelle Esparza
    “Partnering with Pavaso supports our core mission to remove paper from our processes and to deliver an exceptional customer experience that exceeds all expectations.”
    Michelle Esparza
    National Sales Executive
  • Mike Telford
    “Our goal at eTitle is to provide a simple online closing and settlement process for the borrower. The Pavaso eClosing platform delivers this on all fronts. We are excited about the future of eClosings.”
    Mike Telford
    Senior Vice President /eTitle

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