Our truly unique, integrated eVault solution, combined with Pavaso SMART docs, will help ensure accuracy and remove risk. By utilizing this tool, Pavaso SMART Notes and other important documents will be fully protected and secure.

Pavaso SMART Note Benefits

Properly functions with any document preparation provider or title production system

Prevents tampering and possible errors to the loan by properly reviewing all documents for accuracy and completeness

Information is correctly read and validated, decreasing the risk of an incorrect eNote

Validate actions with improved audit control trail and increased collateral control

Improve loan velocity while simultaneously reducing fraud and compliance risk

Supports digital signing all document formats using a digital signature seal applied to every document

Pavaso eVault Benefits

Enables Lenders to securely close and register eNotes on the MERS® eRegistry and deliver them via MERS® eDelivery to the Warehouse Lender or Investor

Direct interface with the MERS® eRegistry, eDelivery and other third parties

Maintains and validates the integrity of transferable instruments

Documents retain a tamper evident seal to ensure data and document integrity

Maintains all audit trails for legal compliance of the Authoritative Copy

Manages secure transaction management to facilitate transfers between vaults enabling the control of digital assets

Features & Functionality

Execute full SMART Notes and efficiently delivers them to the Pavaso eVault

All documents are properly reviewed for accuracy and completeness

Reads and validates documents to ensure correct information

Communicates efficiently with the MERS® eRegistry

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