New Branding Capabilities

Display your branding throughout the entire closing process

We’ve made some changes to the look and feel of the standard default branding throughout the platform to deliver a cleaner look and feel. Additionally, new branding capabilities have been added so that you can customize the signing experience with your look and feel from start to finish.

Pavaso’s enhanced branding capabilities lets you customize the signing experience with your look and feel from start to finish. Some benefits include:

• Easy set up with simple upload of your company logo, colors, and web fonts

• Display your branding to your customers when they’re using the platform and within email notifications, throughout the entire closing process

• Branding can be applied to orders submitted through a direct integration or to an individual order

The new branding capabilities and standard default branding for the Optimized Signing Experience released earlier this year are coming soon.

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* Due to platform capabilities, state law or regulation, or all, electronic notarization and remote online notarization are not available in all areas.
** Required minimum investment: Microsoft 8.1+ or Mac Os X 10.11+ operating system; internet connection; two-way audio-visual technology for RON closing.

+ Users should consult their title insurance underwriter, if applicable, laws, regulations, and Executive Orders applicable to each signing session. Users are solely responsible for all steps necessary to ascertain, determine, meet, and verify compliance with all applicable orders, laws, regulations, rules and requirements governing any notarial or other execution of writings facilitated in whole or part through Pavaso’s Essential Notary™ or any other Pavaso technology.