eRecord with ePN

Enjoying the enormous benefits of eRecording doesn’t mean you have to invest in expensive hardware and software.

Pavaso’s integration with eRecording Partners Network (ePN) enables you to electronically submit your real estate documents in minutes!

Benefits of eRecording

Unique Integration Features
ePN has focused its efforts to help reduce keystrokes and improve office efficiency when eRecording through Pavaso or one of their title production system integrations.

ALTA Preferred Provider
As part of ALTA’s Elite Provider Program, ePN is recognized as a premier service provider with a commitment to offering comprehensive benefits to the title insurance and settlement services industry.

ALTA Best Practices Supporter
ePN promotes the highest industry standards and technology solutions that are designed to encourage compliance with ALTA’s Best Practices, including how eRecording with ePN can help you address Pillar 4 of the ALTA Best Practices.

Actual Fees vs. Collected Fees Reporting
ePN can automate the comparison of collected recording fees and taxes from the Closing Disclosure with the actual recording fees and taxes.

No Software Installation
There is no software installation when you use ePN’s service. You also have the option of logging into their web-based system to submit documents.

No Startup Costs, Lower Pricing
ePN has a fee per document structure. There are no upfront or set-up costs. With ePN’s fee structure, your cost is always predictable and consistent based on your volume.

Why eRecord with ePN?

ePN invests in experience and innovation. Their knowledgeable team understands the document recording space inside and out. Their electronic recording technology is intuitive and training users takes just minutes. Plus, they have one of the best technical support teams in the industry. Some additional benefits include:

•  Reduce turnaround time for recordings from days to hours and close files quicker
•  Eliminate escrow accounts at multiple counties
•  Reduce time for handling rejected documents from weeks to days
•  Automatically create recording logs to comply with ALTA Best Practices #4
•  Improve your customer service

ePN will handle the submission of your electronic recordings if your staff is limited or you are looking to focus efforts on other parts of the post-closing process. Additionally, if you work with counties that still do not accept electronic documents, they’ll handle the delivery, tracking and confirmation of paper-based recordings.

Want to know more about ePN? Visit their website for additional details.

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