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Easy, convenient and fast — A digital closing process that’s simply better

The modern way to close on your home.

For years, traditional closings required home buyers and sellers to appear in-person to sign a large amount of paperwork. Pavaso changes all of that. It gives you the freedom to enjoy an in-person or remote hybrid eClosing, or even a completely paperless closing. That means eSigning all or most closing documents instead of manually signing each piece of paper.

How you benefit from eClosing on Pavaso’s platform

Pavaso allows you to securely review and confirm the accuracy of your documents prior to closing, anytime, anywhere. You can take all the time you need to review the information so any questions can be answered, and issues resolved before closing day. Whether you opt for a remote or in-person closing, the ability to eSign your documents will help to significantly accelerate your transaction.

Pavaso delivers a best-in-class closing experience

Empowerment: closing documents can be easily accessed before, during and after closing, from anywhere, on your own time

Preparation: tools deliver information on the settlement process, including parties involved, status updates and actions needed

Collaboration: secure document delivery and communication features allow the exchange of information and documents with all permissible parties throughout the entire closing process

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The eClosing process with Pavaso

Here is a quick overview of what home buyers and sellers can expect when documents are ready in Pavaso’s eClosing platform.

You will receive a welcome email from Pavaso inviting you to create an account you will need to access the platform. The email may include branding from your lender or settlement provider.

Once you are logged into the platform, a tutorial will pop up to walk you through the pre-closing document review process.

Access and review your documents to confirm their accuracy before the closing, along with eSigning any documents that may require your signature.

Meet with your closing agent in person or remotely to digitally close.

Access the executed documents electronically on the Pavaso platform any time after the closing.

Security & Privacy

With Pavaso, you can rest assured that your private information is safe. Our secure platform protects and encrypts sensitive data and financial information. We also take data privacy seriously and we do NOT sell any data to third parties under any circumstances. Details can be found on our Security page.

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