Our powerful new tool allows buyers and sellers to sign, notarize, and complete the entire closing remotely. Pavaso’s Remote Online Notary is not only an online notary tool, but in conjunction with Pavaso’s Digital Close, it’s everything you need to conduct the ENTIRE closing digitally. We believe that as a Pavaso Certified Settlement Provider/Escrow Officer, you are vital to the closing, and we want to keep you in the driver’s seat! Maintain control of the closing from beginning to end – after all, notarization is just an addition to what you already do!

What is Remote Online Notary/RON?

The act of notarizing documents electronically with an electronic seal online, from a separate physical location than the signer.


Complete the entire closing session remotely, including notarizations.

As a Pavaso Certified Settlement Provider or Escrow Officer, we firmly believe you are vital to the closing process, therefore you will maintain control of the entire closing.

Trust experienced closing agents to remotely close.

Faster, easier connection process for consumers.

Instant access to a recording of the performed notarizations.

Get all the benefits of a full eClosing, including document delivery, audit logs, and more.


Secure, collaborative online environment

Document tamper-sealed using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Identity validation and Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)

In-person vs. online notary indicators through audit tracking

eNotes are registered with MERS® and sent to the eVault

*Due to state law or regulation or both, electronic notarization and remote online notarization are not available in all areas.

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