North Carolina

Pavaso is a North Carolina Authorized
Electronic Notarization Solution Provider

Pavaso Contact Information

Pavaso, Inc.
2901 N. Dallas Parkway, Suite 400
Plano, TX 75093
(866) 288-7051

For product information contact: sales@pavaso.com
For support questions contact: support@pavaso.com

Types of Customers Serviced

The Pavaso system and specifically the Digital Close process is designed for institutions who have Notaries that will be executing documents in the Mortgage Closing process. Some examples of these institutions are Title/Escrow companies, Attorney firms, and Notary Networks.

Product Information

The Digital Close process within Pavaso is designed to execute both Loan and Title documents, so that all closing documents within a home closing are signed and notarized within the same portal. For more information about Digital Close click here.

Solution Cost

To be a Pavaso Certified Notary, there is a one-time negotiable fee to get approved as a Notary. There is also a negotiable annual renewal fee for each notary. For more information about your specific pricing, please contact sales@pavaso.com

Type Fee
License: None
Software: Negotiable
Annual Renewal: Negotiable
Hardware: None
Maintenance: None
Transaction: None
Shipping: None
Other: None

Purchase Information

To become a Pavaso Certified Notary, please contact support@pavaso.com to begin your application process.

System Requirements

Operating Systems

Microsoft 8.1+
Mac Os X 10.11+

Compatible Web Browsers

The latest versions are required.
Internet Explorer
Note:Browsers not listed, i.e. Safari, Edge are not compatible.

Technology & Security

Pavaso is a web-based platform that uses a secure connection when accessing the portal to view and/or sign any documents. All data that is input or transmitted from the portal is also encrypted to provide security to all user’s information within the Pavaso platform and specifically the Digital Close process.