From Paper to Digital

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Whether you’re looking to deliver fully digital or hybrid eClosings, in person or remote signings, transitioning to a digital closing process can be implemented in phases following our

Crawl, Walk, RON approach.

Watch the video below to see it in action!

Start with a Crawl …

Consumers can eSign documents that do not need notarization ahead of the closing.

Eliminating the need to mail documents whether by email or overnighting multiple packages, Pavaso’s secure platform lets you electronically deliver documents to consumers for their review ahead of the settlement and let them eSign documents that do not need to be notarized before meeting at the closing table.

The remaining documents can be completed in-person, known as an IPEN eClosing, following a process of:

  • Traditional wet ink signatures and notarizations – hybrid eClosing
  • Combination of both traditional and electronic signatures and notarizations – hybrid eClosing
  • Electronic signatures and notarizations – completely paperless eClosing


This approach preserves the aspect of a traditional closing with the consumer still meeting in person at the closing table but begins to offer some of the digital benefits, including:

  • Closings can be completed faster when consumers have less documents to wet sign
  • Each closing has its own audit log to track actions performed
  • Wet signed documents are added to the digital closing package and automatically placed in the established stacking order, utilizing QR code technology


Begin to Walk …

Replace wet ink signatures and notarizations with electronic signatures and notarizations.

Take your IPEN eClosings one step further and add digital signatures and notarizations to all or some of the closing documents. Still meeting face to face at the closing table, participants will simply click to sign and notarize digital documents.

This step significantly accelerates the signing process and lets you deliver consistent digital closing packages. In addition to the benefits highlighted above, this process lets you:

  • Perform a completely paperless eClosings in as little as 15 minutes
  • Standardize your closing experience with safeguards to ensure all digital signatures are captured
  • Mitigate risk of lost or altered closing documents
  • Reduce errors and trailing documents
  • Expedite funding and post-closing activities
  • Complete and deliver an eNote to preferred eVault and eRecord where allowed 


If maintaining the in-person aspect of meeting at the closing table is essential, you may want to consider enhancing your walk by adding eRecording and/or an eNote.

But if your goal is to complete remote eClosings, we can help you RON.

Are you ready to RON?

Electronically sign and notarize documents remotely, with two-way audiovisual technology.

Offering the ultimate convenience, especially for consumers who are not able to attend in person, a Remote Online Notarization, also known as RON, is conducted with the signer appearing before the remote online notary using two-way audiovisual technology to digitally complete documents.

Some of the benefits of RON include:

  • Eliminates the need to travel saving time and money
  • Digital identity verification of knowledge-based authentication (KBA) questions and ID validation minimizes risk of fraud
  • Participants can join with ease and are guided through a clear, step-by step check-in process
  • Maintain full control to conduct the signing session with an option to have a state certified notary join as a separate participant to complete the notarization tasks
  • Online access to a video recording of the closing session, in accordance with state law


Completing real estate closings and creating paper-based closing packages has been a manual time-consuming process for decades, but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether building to a fully digital or hybrid eClosing, your adoption of a digital closing process can be implemented in phases, tailored with the perfect balance of technology and human assistance, and rolled out at a pace that works for your operation. Not all digital transformation journeys end with RON. But it’s a great option to have in your back pocket, ready to go, when you need it.

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