eClosing 201

Understanding eClosing
as a Process


Components of the eClosing Process

It is helpful to think of the closing as a process that consists of multiple components, including notarization options, working in synergy to provide a high-quality executed closing package for a real estate transaction. eClosings utilize a digital platform that gives users the ability to eSign and eNotarize documents remotely or in person, along with other important security functionality. The graphic below shows a representation of the process and each component.

infographics describing the real estate eclosing process
infographic describing the real estate closing process

*Due to platform capabilities, state law or regulation or all, electronic notarization and remote online notarization are not available in all areas.

Functions and Benefits of Pavaso’s Process

To better understand how Pavaso’s collaborative platform connects all permissible parties, throughout the entire closing process, it is helpful to look at each phase of the process individually.


graph describing the real estate eclosing process
graph showing the real estate closing process

Lender and Title Company

  • Deliver initial disclosures with acknowledgement documented in audit log


  • Receipt of initial disclosures and eSigning, as required

Lender and Title Company

  • Lender and title documents are consolidated
  • Add documents through an integration or upload
  • Designed to automatically place the appropriate signature placeholders onto documents


  • Auto-generated email notification updates
  • Access lender and/or title provided educational material and resources
  • Review and confirm the accuracy of closing documents, before the closing

Lender and Title Company

  • Notified of closing document review completion
  • Supports all real estate closing options, delivering traditional, fully paperless and hybrid eClosings with

    in-person eNotary* (IPEN), remote online notarization* (RON), and remote ink-sign notarization** (RIN) solutions.

  • Utilize your state-commissioned eNotaries and remote eNotaries
  • Add pre-filled tags to documents during the closing, when needed.
  • Standardize the closing process


  • Set up a digital signature and eSign most or all documents
  • Closings can be completed in as little as 15 minutes


*Due to platform capabilities, state law or regulation or all, electronic notarization and remote online notarization are not available in all areas.

**Users should consult laws, regulations, and Executive Orders applicable to each signing session. Users are solely responsible for all steps necessary to ascertain, determine, meet, and verify compliance with all applicable orders, laws, regulations, rules and requirements governing any notarial or other execution of writings facilitated in whole or part through Pavaso’s Essential Notary™ or any other Pavaso technology.

Lender and Title Company

  • Final closing package and audit log available to permissible parties, moments after closing

  • Safeguards to ensure all digital signatures are captured

  • eDeliver an executed eNote to an eVault to be eRegistered

  • Access the RON video recording, when applicable

  • Post county recorded documents can be uploaded to maintain an electronic copy of them


  • Access executed documents securely on the platform any time after closing

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