Revolutionizing the warehouse game

A digital process for warehouse lenders

Simplify your processes and streamline the control of your notes. With Pavaso, always know the location and status of your notes and achieve better data quality while reducing risk and exposure. We make obtaining an eVault easy, so you can benefit from efficiency in your processes and enjoy the benefits of a digital mortgage.


What's in it for Warehouse Lenders?

Eliminate the risk of lost notes

Improve the Control of the collateral

Transfer your notes to a dry status much quicker

Reduce exposure to double pledging

Reduce overnight delivery expense and manual paper handling costs

Instant transfers between eVaults allow faster selling to the secondary market


Improve document tracking and reporting with an audit report to track actions performed

Your organization will have its own electronic repository, or eVault, for delivery and management of eNotes

You determine who has access. Authorized users can access the eNote in real time and perform key transactions on the MERS® eRegistry, including registration and transfer

Verify the integrity of your documents using the tamper-evident seal digitally applied to every document

Maintain an authenticated and secure audit trail on every action taken throughout the lifecycle of the loan

Supports UETA and ESIGN legal and regulatory best practices

Deliver collateral in a secure manner to the Investor expediting the loan sale process. No more lost notes

Reduce loan delivery costs and keep electronic assets secure

Yes, we are different.

With our complete suite of products, we transform the real estate closing process for the digital era.
Here’s why we can deliver what we promise:

Do eVERYTHING in one digital platform

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