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Digital Close


Close your home smarter and leave paper, confusion, and chaotic closings in the past.

Digital Close is a powerful closing solution that changes the way you buy a home. As part of the Pavaso platform, Digital Close allows you to communicate and work with all the parties involved in one central location. Receive all contract and document packages digitally, review and understand the documents before signing, and even complete your closing online. Digital Close simplifies the process and incorporates easy-to-use technology, so that buying a home, can be as enjoyable as it is exciting.

Digital Close allows you to...

  • Receive, view and acknowledge documents online. Securely receive all loan and title documents, and access them on any device, at any time.
  • Get real time action notifications. Easily communicate and get status updates as documents are uploaded and as each party prepares for closing.
  • Understand every document. Educational videos and links within your documents allow you to learn about and understand the documents prior to your signing.
  • eSign and eNotarize all of your documents. Easily sign multiple documents at once with a simple signature, and your notary can verify and stamp the document digitally.
  • Complete the entire closing process digitally. Your closing agent can utilize Pavaso’s Signing Table app on a tablet or use Digital Close’s Web Closing feature to complete the process fully online.
  • Close on your home quicker. With Pavaso, closings that previously lasted 60+ minutes can now be done in 15 minutes or less.
  • Automatically receive and store final documents. Gain instant access to final completed documents online any time, available right after the closing.
  • Stay engaged post-closing. Various Pavaso apps offer solutions and value for you after your closing and throughout your homeownership.
  • Have easy access to your business connections. Stay connected with your real estate agent, lender or closing agent if you ever choose to sell your home or refinance.

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