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Digital Close



Modernize the way you manage documents, collaborate with others, and provide the ultimate consumer closing experience.

A powerful closing solution that provides an efficient, unified process for all stakeholders. As part of the Pavaso platform, Digital Close provides the capability to conduct an entirely digital closing. It’s a centralized hub packed with functionality and workflows that takes real-world relationships to a whole new level.

Digital Close is not an LOS or doc prep provider; It is a single location to gather and build all information, collaborate with other stakeholders, deliver all documents for review, and execute the closing digitally.

Check out all of Digital Close’s features, benefits and functionality in action in this demo video

Features & Benefits

  • Ensure accurate and consistent closings. Save created templates for documents and processes making certain that all closings are conducted the same way, every time.
  • Reduce closing times. Condense your closings from 60+ minutes to 15 minutes or less, increasing speed to funding.
  • Produce an end-to-end audit trail. Leverage Closing Forensics to automatically track 90+ data points such as delivery times, consumer actions and more.
  • Provide a world class consumer experience. Improve customer satisfaction and perception of your business through an engaging, educational, and modern experience.
  • Flexibility to perform paper, hybrid or digital closings. Perform completely digital closings, but also have the flexibility to print documents for wet signatures and scan them back in for digital viewing and storage.
  • Build, tag and create your documents. Easily tag documents for educational content, e-signature, e-notary and more within our system, or keep using your existing vendor.
  • Utilize the Document Splitter to organize documents quickly and efficiently. Upload a single PDF file containing multiple pages of various documents and easily split and organize pages into separate document files.
  • Meet document delivery rules. Comply with the 3-day rules for the Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosure, and entire closing package.
  • Offer real time action notifications. Easily communicate and get status updates as each stakeholder prepares for closing.
  • Share documents quickly and securely. Everyone involved with the transaction can view documents securely on any device, at any time.
  • Reduce buybacks and errors. Decrease costs by creating highly accurate and complete closing packages that are error-free.
  • Automatically package and deliver final documents. Give all parties instant access to final executed documents online any time, right after the closing.
  • Retain customers for life. Stay connected with consumers with post-closing tools and other enhanced services.
  • Capability for marketing and advertising potential. Setup advertising and promotional opportunities to be displayed pre-closing and at the closing table.

Pavaso’s Digital Close was a key component of Pavaso’s performance with the CFPB’s eClosing Pilot. Results and key findings of the pilot can be found on the CFPB’s website here.

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