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As a real estate agent, you know consumers are increasingly asking for an experience that the industry hasn’t been able to keep up with – until now. You, your customers, and the businesses you work with can participate in a standardized, digital process that educates, informs and increases efficiency for all stakeholders of a real estate transaction.

How it helps you

Here are some of the ways Pavaso helps you as a real estate agent:

  • Differentiate yourself.  Offer a leading-edge consumer experience that results in higher customer satisfaction and closings that happen in 30 minutes or less.
  • Get paid faster.  Same-day funding happens in most cases with instant availability of documents after closing for all stakeholders.
  • Free up time.  Reduce phone calls and emails by securely consolidating communication with all stakeholders in one spot, and let status updates and automated notifications do the hard work for you.
  • Increase repeat business. Stay connected with your customer in their “real estate team” so that you are in front of them when they’re ready to sell or buy again.
Becca Summers

“My customer and I were both impressed with how fast and smooth the closing process went with Pavaso.  He was able to review the documents three days prior to closing, eliminating surprises and stress at the closing table. His closing happened in 30 minutes, and the total time-to-close was 3 weeks, the fastest I’ve had all year.  I would definitely recommend businesses that use Pavaso, and have actually done so already.”

Becca Summers
Real Estate Agent at Keller Williams

Do everything in one Digital platform

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How it works

  • Use your existing transaction management solution, Pavaso doesn’t replace that.
  • Complete your profile and get Pavaso Certified, so consumers know you’re dedicated to providing them with a better buying and closing experience.
  • You and your customer use Sales Contract Negotiator to negotiate and submit the sales contract online, and start the digital closing process.
  • Your customers use Digital Close to view status updates, review documents online, and digitally sign them, freeing up your time.
  • After consumers close on Signing Table or Web Closing, documents are instantly available in Pavaso where everyone in the transaction can securely access them.
  • Customers stay connected to you in Pavaso so you’re in front of them when they’re ready to sell or buy again – at no cost to you.

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