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Earlier this year we introduced our new signing experience. With a cleaner look and feel, and an easier and more efficient process, we are proud of our new features and process improvements. Using feedback provided by our users, some of the changes we have made include created an easier check-in process for participants, optimized the identity validation process, maximized screen real estate for improved visibility, streamlined signing workflows, and added enhanced views and navigation of tasks for completion.

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Easier Check-in Process for Participants

A fully redesigned check-in process lets signers and witnesses join with ease. An all-new dashboard view for the signing session conductor updates in real-time, as participants complete each step.

Optimized Identity Validation Process

Knowledge-based authentication or KBA questions are presented in a cleaner view with an intuitive ID authentication process. Information captured from the ID is automatically added to the eNotary journal, where you can also view the captured ID images to complete journal entries.

Additional Features Include:

  • Maximized screen real estate for improved visibility
  • Streamlined signing workflows
  • Enhanced view of tasks for completion

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