Electronically deliver compliant documents needed from early disclosures through the final closing package to all stakeholders. Securely transfer your executed Pavaso SMART Note and other PavasoDocs to the Pavaso eVault/eCustodian.


eDelivery of
Early Disclosure

Deliver the loan estimate, closing disclosure, and other initial disclosures to the borrower, complying with the 3-day rule. Transport seamless, NPI-secure documents to all stakeholders, while efficiently providing the loan estimate and initial disclosures to the borrowers to acknowledge and sign. Lenders & Title Companies are automatically notified when the disclosures have been delivered to homebuyers, and when they have acknowledged them.

MERS® eRegistry and eDelivery of Pavaso SMART Note

After the Pavaso SMARTNote is executed by the borrowers the data transaction is registered in the MERS® eRegistry which uniquely identifies the Lender as the eNote Controller and Location of the Authoritative Copy and stores the unique digital signature (hash value) of the eNote. The Pavaso eVault utilizes MERS® eDelivery to securely transfer a copy of the eNote between MERS® eRegistry members.

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