Since its inception in 2014, Pavaso strives to create solutions to the real estate industry's most complicated challenges. Pavaso recognizes that although the industry has been doing business the same for decades, there was something to be done to improve the process and technology used when buying a home. So with cutting-edge technology, Pavaso created the industry’s only end-to-end platform to improve communication, efficiency, and process management. And as the industry faces new challenges, Pavaso listens and creates comprehensive solutions to not only overcome the issue, but add value to the process.

Vision & History

Pavaso, Inc. is a DBA of Guardian Consumer Services, Inc., which was originally organized to develop and market a consumer portal focused on a homeowner’s lifecycle of home ownership. This platform, called Pavaso, is the epicenter of a complete digital closing solution.

The first pilot for Pavaso was conducted in October 2011 and entailed title companies submitting orders through RamQuest’s Closing Market software, which generated profiles for all stakeholders and granted access to the status of all closing-related documents. The initial pilot program continued through Q1 of 2012 and ultimately involved six independent title companies.

With a ground-breaking solution and a strategic game plan, Pavaso became its own company in the summer of 2014.

Pavaso was selected and participated in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) eClosing pilot in late 2014, and facilitated over 550 eClosings within the basic and advanced categories. The CFPB ultimately found that consumers who closed using an eClosing platform, allowed for higher measures of understanding, efficiency, and empowerment than borrowers who used only paper forms.

Today, Pavaso offers a comprehensive solution to the entire homeownership lifecycle. The platform not only improves communication, efficiency, and process management, but adds value for every stakeholder involved with the transaction.

Our CEO tells the Story