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Closing Forensics


Log all actions for a complete audit trail of a real estate closing.

Digital Close leverages our Closing Forensics technology to track everything in a digital closing. Closing Forensics logs over 100 pieces of data about the pre-closing and closing, such as how long the closing ceremony lasted, if users viewed educational links, and how long users reviewed a document.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete logging and audit trail.  Gain peace-of-mind that each transaction tracks the actions of your customers and business partners to ensure proof of what happened during the entire process.
  • Provide evidence for compliance. Deliver audit trail of information and actions as concrete proof of compliant closings.
  • Gain control and insight into closings. Understand and analyze the progress and quality of the transaction by tracking consumer progress, documents, closing status and more.
  • Present confidence in closings to investors. Complete audit trails allow for the unique presentation of closing data to the secondary market.

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