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Save time and money in just weeks with the industry’s most robust digital closing platform.

Firms of all sizes are already feeling the benefit of eMortgages – and they’re doing it painlessly.

Pavaso simplifies the most challenging and cumbersome phases of the mortgage process.


Keep your application process as it is, whether or not this phase is digital for you

LOS & Docs

Use Pavaso REGARDLESS of what LOS or Doc Prep company you use today


Digitally collaborate with all parties to provide a unified presence to consumers


Conduct consistent, complete closings anywhere with internet access


The final package is available to all parties moments after closing, even hybrid loans

Pavaso is just the partner you need to get started in only weeks.

Pavaso is the mortgage industry’s most robust digital closing platform.  The best part?  Implementing Pavaso for your business is not an IT project.  Our internet-based solution can be used with any existing infrastructure, working with key stakeholders in your business to map old processes to new ones.  The result is the combination of People, Process and Technology that the mortgage industry has never seen before.

Pavaso brings all interested parties to the same digital “table,” enabling you to:

  • Save $600 per loan
  • Close more accurately, faster
  • Stay in your current LOS and avoid expensive, lengthy integrations
  • Perform as a cohesive team with Real Estate Agents, Title Companies, and other stakeholders engaged with the Consumer

A few things you need to look at

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Title Partner Network - See our growing nationwide title coverage and where you can close digitally with Pavaso Certified Title Companies today.

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The Truth About Digital Mortgages - This article dispels the rumors about the perception of technology and Mortgages, and addresses the “wet blanket” on the industry’s perception of digital mortgages.

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ROI Calculator - Download our Excel spreadsheet Return On Investment (ROI) calculator to see how much time and money Pavaso can save you.

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How it works

  • Use your existing loan origination system, Pavaso doesn’t replace that.  We can make the process even faster through integrations with our partners.
  • Complete your profile and get Pavaso Certified so consumers know you’re dedicated to providing them with a better buying and closing experience.
  • Verify a homebuyer’s identity, information, and access their standardized reference score with IDMAXX.
  • Start the deal digitally with the title company as the real estate agent uses Sales Contract Negotiator to negotiate and submit the sales contract online with the homebuyer(s).
  • Use Digital Close Enterprise to deliver the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure.  You can even compile and deliver the entire closing package with the title company.
  • Homebuyers use Digital Close to view status updates, review documents online, and digitally sign them – which can be branded to your company.
  • After consumers close on Signing Table or Web Closing, documents are instantly available in Pavaso, where everyone in the transaction can securely access them.
  • Get scored loans to investors faster with Mortgage DNA.
  • Customers stay connected to you in Pavaso, so you’re in front of them when they’re ready to sell or buy again.

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Pavaso is just the partner you need to get started in only weeks.

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