We’re revolutionizing the real estate transaction so we can get RMBS to a whole new level.

An entirely new Secondary Market

We’ve all experienced the result of an industry that produces a wide variety of loans without the proper mechanisms to verify what’s being securitized. Pavaso provides tools to consumers and stakeholders involved in the mortgage process to improve the experience, efficiency and accuracy. The result is a digital process that provides investors with the confidence that the loans they are buying can be validated, quantified, and qualified, so you can:

  • Get faster visibility to better quality loans from lenders and title companies that have aligned themselves with the mission, vision and values of the CFPB.
  • Rest assured that closings are more accurate and complete through standardized closings and process management throughout the transaction.

See the quick vLog entry on RMBS from Pavaso’s CEO

How it works

  • All stakeholders use Pavaso to access and move the transaction through to closing.  This simplifies and unifies the experience for homebuyers, and consolidates all communication in a secure, digital environment.
  • Participants complete their profiles on Pavaso, and can take their digital identity to a new level with IDMAXX – which helps verify a homebuyer’s identity, information, and provides a standardized reference score based on their network of references.
  • Lenders and title companies use Digital Close Enterprise to collaborate and deliver the Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosure and even the entire closing package.
  • Homebuyers use Digital Close to view status updates, review documents online, and digitally sign them at the closing table.
  • After consumers close on Signing Table or Web Closing, documents are instantly available in Pavaso where everyone in the transaction can access them.
  • From beginning to end, actions and engagement of the standardized digital process are tracked and logged using our Closing Forensics technology.  Which captures almost 100 data points in addition to any MISMO XML, or other data, that travels with the package.
  • As loans start and move through Pavaso, you can view and select which ones you’d like to portfolio with Mortgage DNA, and view the pertinent information we’ve captured from the standardized, digital

See our solutions and an overview of the process in this video

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